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Wood Wick Care

The first burn is the most important!
  • Each wick has a unique timber grain that can vary between wicks. We recommend keeping an eye on your first burn as there is a low chance that there may be a 'glitch' in the grain, thus the flame may not stay alight. We simply need to relight wick. Potentially 2 or 3 lightings may be required.
  • Like all candles, the melted wax must reach the edges of the jar for your first burn, otherwise the candle will tunnel. This may take up to 2 hours.


  • Wood wicks also need trimming! Very gently run your finger over the wick to break off the dead wood before each burn to ensure a bright and brilliant flame.

The flame not as bright as usual?

  • If you have not trimmed the wick at all, it could mean there is too much dead wood so just gently break off any excess wood.
  • If you have already trimmed the wick, this could mean you may have broken off too much wood hence the flame does not have enough wood to catch. You can either simply let it stay alight for as long as possible. Once the wax sets, you can try light it again and it should burn as brightly as per usual.
  • Absolutely worse case scenario, you may have to scoop out some wax.